Google Certificates Making College Degrees Irrelevant: Cheaper, Faster Skills

College degrees have long been seen as the gold standard for education and the key to landing a good job. However, with the high costs of college tuition and the amount of time it takes to complete a degree, this traditional path is becoming less appealing. Enter Google professional certificates – an alternative way to gain career-ready skills that is cheaper, faster, and more targeted to in-demand jobs.

The High Costs and Time of Traditional College Degrees

A four-year college degree can easily cost over $100,000 when accounting for tuition, room and board, books, and other expenses. Even attending a public in-state university costs $25,000 or more per year. With these high costs, many students take out massive student loans that take years or even decades to pay back.

In addition to the financial burden, completing a bachelor’s degree takes a minimum of four years. Many students take five or six years to graduate. That’s a huge investment of time that delays entering the workforce and earning a steady paycheck.

College Curriculums Lag Behind the Times

The skills and knowledge taught in traditional college programs often lag years behind current industry standards. Technologies and best practices change rapidly, especially in technical fields like IT, marketing, and data analytics. By the time students graduate, much of what they learned is already outdated.

Colleges move slowly to update curriculums. Professors may be teaching the marketing strategies, programming languages, or analytical tools they learned years ago. Students aren’t prepared with cutting-edge skills that employers are looking for.

Google Certificates Teach Relevant, In-Demand Skills

Google professional certificates through Coursera teach skills that are current, in-demand, and directly applicable to jobs. For example, the Google Data Analytics and Google IT Support Professional Certificates instruct in sought-after abilities like Python, SQL, Tableau, troubleshooting networks, customer service, and more.

These certificates are developed with input from industry experts and employers to match real workforce needs. The skills are vetted by top companies that are actively hiring for roles in these areas.

Short Duration to Complete Google Certificates

While a bachelor’s degree takes 4+ years of full-time study, Google career certificates can be completed in less than 6 months. Many students finish in just a few months by studying 10 hours per week.

The focused curriculum and hands-on learning of certificates allow for rapid skill building. There’s no time wasted on unrelated general education courses. Without lengthy semesters, students can earn credentials faster.

Google Certificates Cost a Fraction of College

The typical college degree costs over $100,000. In contrast, Google certificates have a monthly subscription fee around $39. Over 6 months, the total cost is under $250 – less than 1/400th the price of a 4-year degree.

This low cost makes professional certificates accessible to many more people. You don’t need to go into debt or get parents to pay tuition. Investing less than $300 to springboard your career is an incredible value.

Certificate Programs Have Strong Job Placement Rates

Google reports that over 75% of their certificate graduates see a positive career impact within 6 months such as finding a new job, increasing pay, or getting promoted. Many land interviews and jobs before even completing the program.

The certificates prepare people for roles like IT support specialist, project manager, UX designer, data analyst, digital marketer, and more. There is strong employer demand with hundreds of thousands of job openings.

How to Get Started with Google Certificates

If you’re considering a Google certificate, the first step is browsing the program options on Coursera. Take a look at the courses, curriculum, job prospects, and reviews. Think about which credential aligns with your interests and career goals.

Once you’ve selected a certificate, enroll through Coursera. You can start learning on a flexible schedule right away. Be sure to add the program to your LinkedIn profile too so recruiters can find you.

After finishing your certificate, leverage Coursera’s job search resources and connections. Build up work samples and projects for your portfolio. With your new skills and credentials, you’ll be on your way to landing interviews and job offers.

Why Google Certificates Are the Future

For many, Google professional certificates are a better path than traditional college degrees. They teach cutting-edge skills that employers want at a fraction of the cost and time. Students don’t graduate with huge debt or outdated knowledge.

These certificates are the future of efficient, affordable education directly aligned with job readiness. While college still has its place, Google certificates are making degrees increasingly irrelevant. For rapid reskilling and career advancement, they can’t be beaten.


With expensive tuition and slow-to-update curriculums, traditional four-year degrees are losing their appeal. Google professional certificates provide a faster, cheaper, and more targeted way to gain in-demand skills.

In less than six months and for less than $300, you can gain credentials aligned with high-paying careers. The focused learning helps students achieve success without wasted time and money. For many, Google certificates are making college degrees irrelevant.