How to Pass CompTIA Security+ Exam in 1 Month: Strategies and Tips

Are you looking to take the CompTIA Security+ exam but unsure how to study and pass it? In this article, we will share strategies and resources to help you pass the exam in just over a month, just like our speaker did.

Studying Strategies

The first step to passing the CompTIA Security+ exam is creating a study plan. Allocate enough time each day to study for the exam, and if possible, study consistently for three to four hours a day. Even if you have a full-time job, utilize your evenings and weekends for studying. Be disciplined, focused, and intentional, and if you read slowly, give yourself more time, but not too much to avoid procrastination.

The best way to study is to use a diverse set of resources, including official exam objectives, video courses, books, and practice exams. The official exam objectives for the SY0-601 are available on the CompTIA website and will help you to check off what you already know and learn as you go along. Look for a course that works best for you and find resources online. Professor Messer’s YouTube videos and the Get Certified Get Ahead book are excellent resources to consider. Also, find good practice exams and online flashcards to help you learn the acronyms.

Tips for the Day of the Exam

On the day of the exam, make sure you have plenty of time and a quiet place to take the exam. If you are taking the exam at home, ensure that your desk is clear of any papers, notes, or items that may appear as cheating aids. Take your time to answer the questions, even if you are feeling stressed. The exam is only 90 minutes long, but give yourself as much time as possible and do not schedule anything before or after the exam.


With these strategies and tips, you can pass the CompTIA Security+ exam in just over a month. Create a study plan that works for you, use diverse resources, and find online practice exams and flashcards to help you learn the acronyms. On the day of the exam, ensure you have enough time and a quiet place to take the exam, and take your time answering the questions. Passing the CompTIA Security+ exam can help you land a job as a network administrator with a significant raise and salary, just like it did for our speaker.