How to Pass Your PMP Exam in Two Weeks: A Comprehensive Study Guide

If you’re looking to advance your career in project management, obtaining a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is an excellent way to do so. However, studying for the PMP exam can be a daunting task, with most candidates requiring months of preparation. But what if we told you that you can pass your PMP exam in just two weeks?

In this article, we’ll share a detailed study guide on how one candidate managed to pass their PMP exam with just 35 hours of studying in two weeks. We’ll break down the resources used, study plan, exam day experience, and final reflections to help you pass your PMP exam in a short amount of time.

Resources Used

The candidate studied the PMP Udemy course, which provides 35 Professional Development Units (PDUs) and is a prerequisite for taking the PMP exam. The videos were watched at 2x to 3x speed to quickly get through the material. The candidate also watched Ricardo Vargas’s PMBOK flow video to internalize different process groups and make them flow in a logical way. The video was watched at 2x speed to quickly get through the content. The candidate used the PMP process mapping game to test their knowledge on the process groups, playing the game on a daily basis until they achieved over 90% accuracy. The ARS Tia simulator was used to develop the PMBOK mindset and get more familiar with scenario-based questions. The candidate also used David McLaughlin’s 200 agile questions on YouTube, which were super helpful in getting more agile-based scenario questions. The most helpful resource used was the PMI practice exam.

Study Plan

The candidate studied for 35 hours in total, with 17 hours of studying in the first week and 18 hours in the second week. During the first week, they completed the PMP Udemy course, submitted their application to PMI for eligibility, reviewed Ricardo Vargas’s PMBOK flow video, and played the PMP process mapping game. In the second week, the candidate used the ARS Tia simulator, reviewed David McLaughlin’s 200 agile questions, and completed the PMI practice exam.

Exam Day Experience

On exam day, the candidate felt confident and well-prepared, having completed several practice exams and familiarized themselves with scenario-based questions. They took advantage of the break time to rest their mind and recharge before tackling the second half of the exam. The candidate finished the exam with plenty of time to spare and felt confident that they had passed.

Final Reflections

Looking back on their experience, the candidate recommends being intentional with the eligibility application process and following the specific guidelines provided by PMI. They also recommend familiarizing yourself with scenario-based questions and using practice exams to get a feel for the real exam. The candidate believes that with discipline, focus, and determination, anyone can pass the PMP exam in a short amount of time.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to pass your PMP exam in two weeks, it’s definitely possible. By using the resources recommended, following a study plan, and familiarizing yourself with scenario-based questions, you can increase your chances of passing. Remember, discipline, focus, and determination are key to success. Good luck on your PMP journey!